If you’re like us, you’ve been spending a lot of your time at home dreaming about your post-pandemic vacation. Once it’s safe to travel again, the world will be our oyster. To help us out with our planning, TripAdvisor has swooped in with a handy list of hidden gems to visit around the world. And guess what… One small Ontario town made the cut!

We’re talking about Tobermory, y’all. Turns out visitors are quite fond of this nearby(ish) spot, sitting about 3.5 hours north of Toronto. The low-key destination is known for its crystal clear water and lakeside town. In fact, TripAdvisor has even deemed it the “scuba diving capital of Canada.” Huh, there ya go!


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Of all the spots named on this list of hidden gems, Tobermory, Ontario was the only Canadian selection. The picks were chosen using the opinions of savvy travellers who have made it their mission to scope out under-the-radar destinations.

Now, before you go ahead planning a post-pandemic trip to Tobermory, Ontario, it’s important to note that despite Trip Advisor considering this a ‘hidden gem’ it’s become quite the hot spot for tourists and visitors. The natural beauty of the entire area can become compromised with overcrowding, so plan accordingly and be sure to respect your surroundings and the locals.

Canada’s beauty is of course meant to be enjoyed, but stunning places like Tobermory will only be around for our enjoyment if they are protected and respected.

Happy future travels, folks!