Space travel is far too cool for it to be left to the select few handpicked and paid for by Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk – which is why we appreciate anyone whose mission is to make it more accessible to everyday people, working everyday jobs. With a hilariously-named rocket and contacts at NASA, Edmonton-based Space Engine Systems aims to do just that and more within the next few years.

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Photo Via Space Engine Systems

According to a recent press release, not only does Space Engine Systems hope to send civilians into space for a third of the cost by 2025, but it’s also working on a vehicle that could save Canadian lives.

The folks behind the company believe that with their fleet of 3 supersonic vehicles, they could really change the way that people view long-distance travel – and we hope that they’re right.

This year (2021), SES will launch their ‘technology demonstrator,’ SEXBOMB, a vehicle that is meant to be released from underneath a jet, that is said to reach an altitude of 50,000 ft. in only 300 seconds.

Photo Via Space Engine Systems / Facebook

Then, if SEXBOMB works and gets the attention it deserves, the company plans to release their HELLO-1, a reusable commercial demonstrator deploy and transfer vehicle that the company hopes will be used to deliver everything from life-saving medical equipment to human organs from Edmonton to Toronto in 30 minutes.

This vehicle will be tested in 2023 and will be followed by HELLO-2 in 2025, which they hope will be used for civilian flights to and from space. Pretty cool, hey? 

To learn more about Space Engine Systems you can visit their website here, or you can watch their presentation video here.

Fingers crossed their vehicles work, folks. This could be pretty major.