The Amtrak Cascades train is one of the best and most beautiful ways to visit Seattle. Like many other international travel services, it has been out of service during the pandemic, in fact, the train hasn’t run since March 2020. That’s all changing this fall because the Amtrak Cascades Vancouver to Seattle service is officially returning.

Originally, Amtrak Cascades made an announcement stating that they would return service at an unspecified date this past spring. They then announced that there will be no train service to the US until late 2022. We firmly believed there wouldn’t be an update until fall, but it looks like things are running ahead of schedule.

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According to Amtrak, the train service will resume at an unspecified date this September. Hopefully that does actually happen, the original delay in resuming service was due to staffing shortages. So keep your fingers crossed and get ready to ride one of the west coasts favourite trains once again.

You can learn more and view ticket options at the Amtrak Cascades website. Happy travels!