Travel was once something that most of us probably took for granted. It was widely available with US airports offering flights to pretty much anywhere you wanted to go, visas were attainable and of course, the pandemic wasn’t a thing. That’s why the Henley Passport Index is perhaps more important than ever, it shows which nations have the most travel freedom.

Luckily for Americans, a United States passport is one of the best that you can have.

Now how is this determined? The Henley Passport Index uses historical data spanning 17 years from the International Air Transport Authority (IATA). The index is updated quarterly and includes 199 different passports as well as 227 different travel destinations.

Not only that, but the index is “considered the standard reference tool for global citizens and sovereign states when assessing where a passport ranks on the global mobility spectrum.”

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The United States ranks in 6th place, a positive move down from 2021’s 7th place. Our 2022 6th place ranking is joined by 5 other countries including Belgium, New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. Each country has visa-free access to 186 of the 227 different travel destinations that the index takes into consideration. All in all, this means that American’s have the ability to travel far and wide with relative ease.

But which countries rank on top? The number 1 spot is tied by Japan and Singapore who have access to 192 countries. The number 2 spot is shared by Germany and South Korea who have access to 190 countries. And the number 3 spot is shared by Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, and Spain who have access to 189 countries.

Not too shabby fellow Americans, not too shabby. Safe travels out there!