Growing up we were told that our future would likely look like flying cars and silver suits – little did we know that it would actually look eerily familiar with butterfly clips, bucket hats and pucca shells making a major comeback. Luckily though, 90s fashion hasn’t stopped science from evolving and while we still can’t cruise the streets on hoverboards, those in Alberta will soon have their Amazon Packages picked and shipped by a warehouse of robots.

Now before you panic, it’s important to note that robots will not be running the show solo. Maintenance and supervision will be required and the new fulfilment centre will still create nearly 1,000 full and part-time jobs for Albertans.

“Robotics and advanced technologies make our fulfillment centres safer and more collaborative, which is a big part of our mission to become Earth’s Safest Place to Work,” said Regional Director of Amazon Canada, Vibhore Arora in a press release.

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Located in Parkland County, about 50 minutes outside of Edmonton, Amazon’s innovative new warehouse will also use power from an Alberta solar farm which is huge considering this centre will only be the second of its kind in the entire country.

Finally, as if the fact that your newly purchased knickknacks being sent to you via sun-powered WALL-E wasn’t cool enough, Amazon has also announced that in order to celebrate the 2022 opening of their futuristic facility, the company will be donating more than 200 build-your-own robot kits to community groups in the Parkland County area.

This is being done with the “goal of providing the resources necessary to introduce local youth to the world of robotics, unlock their imagination and explore a new challenge.” Fun right?

For more information about the new Amazon warehouse in Alberta, you can read the entire press release here – which includes a statement from our premiere.

Get ready, folks!