Wild Rose Country might be a smaller province, but we’ve got BIG green spaces with plenty of animals, towering trees and sprawling grasslands

One of the most impressive destinations? Wood Buffalo National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site home to the last remaining herds of free-roaming bison, the world’s largest dark sky preserve, a beaver dam so big it can be seen from space and a vital whooping crane habitat.

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Straddling both northern Alberta and the southern Northwest Territories, Wood Buffalo is the biggest national Park in Canada and, according to Travel Alberta, is home to North America’s largest freshwater delta

With 44,807 km2 of land, visitors can explore boreal forests, crystal salt flats and, of course, the sky above – where the northern lights dance often.

From paddling and hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, biking and camping, this place is a natural playground with an incredible amount of things to see and do – especially in the warmer months.


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While they’re unavailable in the winter, Wood Buffalo has cabins that you can rent from May to September.

These staycation houses are right on the shoreline and are perfect for unwinding, unplugging and soaking up the sun, but you’ll have to wait!

Interested in checking it out even without a place to stay? Make sure to check their road closures before heading up there and stay safe!

There’s no place quite like it.

Wood Buffalo National Park

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