We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again! Wild Rose Country has some incredible things to do and see, but few have stopped us in our tracks quite like the many waterfalls of Alberta.

Sadly, it won’t be long until they’re all frozen over so there’s really no time like the present to explore and admire as many as possible!

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Photo via Shutterstock

One that should make your list if you’re headed to the Rockies this season? Tangle Creek Falls, an enchanting destination 7.4 km north of the Icefields Centre along the Icefields Parkway in Jasper.

Located on the north side of Tangle Hill, visitors can get up close and personal without having to ever break a sweat – which we love, especially as that autumn breeze rolls in.

In fact, while there is no signage, this particular waterfall and its parking lot are right off the highway.

Park, get out, and take in the view of one of the coolest waterfalls in Alberta – it’s easier than pie!

Heck, while there, you might even see some bighorn sheep, which are said to graze near the site.

Enjoy, be safe and have fun! It’s gorgeous!

Tangle Creek Falls, Alberta 

Where: Directions here