We try not to live with any regret, but when TLC told us that we shouldn’t chase waterfalls in ’94, we never asked if there were any exceptions. For example, what if said waterfall ran pink – but only 1% of the time, that would actually be worth the cardio, wouldn’t it? Alas, we were only a tot when the bandana-clad queens sang about H20 and we didn’t get the chance.

Cameron Falls in Waterton National Park, Alberta, is an incredibly pretty sight any time of the year, but it’s after some heavy rain that we encourage those who are in the right place at the right time, to put the pedal to the metal.

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Why? Well, while it flows clear most of the time, Cameron falls is one of the only known waterfalls in the world that on occasion will also run a mesmerizing Pepto blush colour.

This only happens after an extremely heavy storm where the downpour is strong enough to stir the water with its agrolite sediment. Once shaken up, the matter settled on the bottom of the river will emit a pink reflection, creating the photo op of a lifetime.


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Chances of seeing this are incredibly rare but man is it a freaking sight to behold if you’re lucky enough.

In all honestly, the likelihood of any of us getting to dip a toe in this rose coloured river is slim to none, but that’s not to say it’s impossible! Crazier things have happened, just look at the last few years! Heck, look at the last 6 months. One can never be sure what to expect.


Where: Cameron Falls Dr, Improvement District No. 4, AB