We all love a good gaming app. After all, scrolling for hours on Instagram and TikTok can get a little boring. But “OneShot Golf” by 54e Studios doesn’t seem like it’ll get old anytime soon. Because you get to play golf with robots.

It’s not as confusing as it might sound. The app allows you to pilot one of 50 golf-playing robots that live in a converted warehouse in Regina, Saskatoon. And you get to view the course through a camera attached to the robot golfer. So that means you get to put in real-time and even get to control how much power you put into your swing.

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This game is pretty dang cool and almost feels like a step away from VR so we’re into it. Plus the app has been downloaded a bunch, we’re talking 9,500 times. So that means more than 180,000 rounds of robot mini-golf have been played! But for now, the app is only available to North American players so you might as well play before this becomes a worldwide sensation.

After all OneShot Golf is one of the most unique apps we’ve heard of and we can easily see this becoming extremely popular. And with that in mind, 54e Studios is looking to expand its robot fleet. So if you’d like to learn more or check out the app you can click here.