Reacher is returning for a third season and the show’s stars are adapting to filming in Toronto again!

Alan Ritchson, who plays Jack Reacher, teased on Instagram that he is back in the city and already has some highlights…and some weather complaints. (We don’t blame him!)

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The finale for season 2 premieres today, January 18th, on Prime Video. In the wake of the highly anticipated finale, Alan Ritchson dropped the news that the third season is happening by sharing a photo to Instagram with the caption “Welp… we’re back. Season 3 of Reacher… crustier than ever.”

The show is based on the book series by Lee Child and is about a retired Military Police Officer, Jack Reacher. Reacher’s first two seasons were filmed in Ontario, primarily Toronto, and according to Alan Ritchson’s social media, he’s back!


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The actor joked about Toronto’s winter weather, writing: “You’re playing Reacher. You started filming the season in the summer, but a strike pushed you into the bitter cold of an uninhabitable Toronto winter. As a result, the driving scenes aren’t so drivey anymore.”

Now the winters may be hard to adjust to but the 41-year-old also mentioned one of his favourite Toronto spots in his hilarious caption saying, “The steering wheel makes you look weak. Everyone laughs at you. You take solace in the fact that a Craig’s Cookies isn’t too far away. You love cookies. You eat them all the time.”

Great choice, Alan!

The hype for the new season with an Ontario backdrop is real and John Mayer is excited about it too. The singer commented on the post, “I’m getting S03E04 vibes from this.”

Who knows, maybe you’ll spot a cookie from Craig’s Cookies in season 3 of Reacher!