Here’s a weird anniversary for you- the recent Airbnb party ban announcement for Halloween marks a full year of the measures across North America. First introduced for Halloween 2020, the ban has evolved somewhat since then, so let’s check it out.

Rather than have an outright ban on 1 and 2-night rentals, Airbnb will be vetting potential renters. So, if you’ve got a history of positive reviews on the platform, you should be fine no matter what. Meanwhile, most people can still book 2-night stays, but there are a couple of catches.

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Basically, Airbnb will be using its own tech to weed out reservations that are made locally or at the last minute, and preventing those. If partiers do want to try and find a workaround, they’ll still need to check a box saying they won’t host one, and could face removal from the platform/potential legal action for doing.

According to a press release, the party ban from Airbnb has become a cornerstone of the business model over the past year. In fact, they’ve found that unauthorized ‘party’ incidents dropped by around half during major celebration days (like Halloween and New Year’s Eve).