We strongly believe that your wardrobe should reflect how you feel on the inside, and some of you are old, creative souls. But where in the heck do you go to find something that screams ‘I’m an individual?’ A vintage store of course! Contrary to popular belief there are a ton of spots to shop that aren’t packed wall to wall of overworn, over-styled threads, so here are 15 of the best place to shop for vintage clothing in Calgary.

Imagine Vintage Wear

Whether you’re into graphic T’s or structured Mad-Men type skirts, chances are that you’ll find it at Imagine Vintage wear in Inglewood. Everything here is picked with a purpose, well taken care of and for the most part – is in style.

Where: 1325 9 Ave SE, Calgary
Instagram: @ImagineVintagewear2018

Third Wheel

Add some personality to your wardrobe with fun graphic T’s, windbreakers and hoodies from Third Wheel! This nostalgia-based retailer is a ton of fun to walk through and has some incredibly original items. Check it out!

Where: 1004 Macleod Trail SE, Calgary
Instagram: @ThirdWheelVintage

Prairie Bazaar 

The Praire Bazaar is an adorable little spot hidden in down the stairs in YYC’s Tigerstedt Market. With a collection of clothing in a variety of sizes, accessories from every era, and even decor – what they lack in square footage they make up in quality.

Where: 918 Centre Street North in Calgary
Instagram: @PrairieBazaar

Wild Ways Vintage


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Made to ‘mend the planet,’ Wild Ways Vintage champions sustainable fashion. Everything is chosen with care, inspected for imperfections and sold with good intention, which we love. It also certainly doesn’t hurt that everything is also in style.

Where: Online here
Instagram: @WildWaysVintage

Danielle’s Consignment Boutique

For over 20 years, Danielle Hadden has been killing the vintage apparel game. She knows exactly where to look for items, how to market, and what will sell in her 17th Avenue location. Check them out, and grab something that will make you feel like a million bucks.

Where: 908 17 Ave SW, Calgary
Instagram: @Daniellesconsignment

Thrifty Princess Boutique

From pinup threads, disco Barbie catsuits and Hepburn-style jewellery, Thrifty Princess really has it all. With two floors, this place carries items from every era, in every colour, length, and at every price point. Check them out at the address below!

Where: 810 Edmonton Trail, Calgary
Instagram: @Thriftyprincessboutique



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In the market for a dozen vintage band T’s? This is your place, Calgary! HGVintage is practically made to make their shoppers feel all sorts of nostalgia and that’s what we love most about them. Find everything from old school hockey jerseys, tops, and bomber jackets, to everyday wear hoodies – then leave with a fuzzy feeling and a bag full of goodies. These folks have it all!

Where: 720 17 Ave SW, Calgary
Instagram: @HGVintage

Velour Clothing

Committed to helping customers find their own personal style, Velour is actually Calgary’s very first vintage trade and sell clothing store! Here you can shop assured knowing that you’re only getting the best because they’ve actually taken the time to carefully hand-pick through anything and everything that comes through their location.

Where: 200 – 1022 17th Ave SW
Instagram: @VelourClothingExchange

Antiquaire Vintage Boutique

From women’s and men’s apparel to accessories and even bridal items, Antiquaire Vintage Boutique has got you covered – quite literally from head to toe! Unlike a lot of stores on this list, these guys don’t consign their items, they actually own all of their stock outright, which means they’ve sourced everything from top to bottom.

Where: 1219A 9 Ave SE, Calgary
Instagram: @antiquaire.boutique

Peacock Boutique Consignment

Peacock Boutique Consignment actually has several little spots around the city, each with its own stock, its own look, and its own selection. From tops, buttons, and accessories, we can almost guarantee you’ll find something you’ll fall in love with.  They also have an online store – just in case you’re not ready to head out just yet!

Where: See the nearest location here
Instagram: @PeacockBoutique

Second Room

At Second Room, we can almost guarantee that you will not log off leave empty-handed. These folks have a ton of beautiful blazers, sweaters, and jackets, ya’ know the heavier stuff. They have a little bit of everything but their outerwear seems to be their crown jewel. Check it out, folks!

Where: Online here
Instagram: @Secondroomshop

The Nines

Look good, stand out and feel your best! The folks at The Nines Calgary are all about individuality and have curated an incredible collection of vintage clothing to help you look your best while doing exactly that. Check them out online now!

Where: Online here
Instagram: @_the_nines

Vespucci Consignment 

From Chanel and Dior to Louis Vuitton, Vespucci consignment has the greatest hits of some of the world’s most renowned designers. Get lost within racks on racks of beautiful pieces, fun accessories, shoes and more, then – if you’re lucky to have found something that isn’t worth more than your rent, leave with a smile on your face. Treat yourself, Calgary!

Where: 8244 Elbow Drive SW, Calgary
Instagram: @VespucciConsignment

SalvEdge Boutique

Oh, so you’re on a mission, are you? Looking for one thing, are you? Not here, folks. Walk-in for a top, walk out with a top, bottoms, accessories and a backup outfit. SalvEdge has a ton to choose from, browse through and fall in love with. We’d definitely recommend checking this one out, YYC!

Where: 1013 17 Ave SW #113, Calgary
Instagram: @Salvedgeon17th

Trend Calgary

Quality is the word at Calgary’s Trend Fashions. Everything thing here has been carefully selected and inspected ensuring that you’ll get the absolute best. You guys will practically be able to re-up your entire wardrobe at this one, folks… so prepare that wallet of yours for a retail battle of the ages.

Where: 120 10 St NW, Calgary
Instagram: @TrendCalgary

Well, there you have it, folks. 15 of the best place to shop for vintage clothing in Calgary! Which ones will you be checking out first?!