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Case Study



The Goal

To generate interest, visibility and traffic to Dior’s “Atelier of Dream” Holiday Pop-up at Holt Renfrew Yorkdale, while also establishing itself as the destination for holiday gifts and pampering.

The Campaign

Composed of Instagram advertisements and weekly, weekend and monthly Things to Do inclusions, the campaign ran over the course of a 1-month period from November 2022-December 2022.  This allowed us to position the client within the wider holiday context, while ensuring we gave our readers ample opportunity to experience the pop-up throughout the month of November and in the lead up to Christmas. Our goal with the timing was to ensure the content was relevant and timely within holiday shopping and gifting ideas.

The Strategy

We positioned the social media advertisements to utilize Dior’s name recognition, with words like “luxury” to communicate that it was a destination where guests could experience more than any other regular shopping trip. We also leaned into providing “ until [DATE]” in the captions to capture the timeliness of the pop-up and to communicate that this was a limited time offer. 

The Things to Do inclusions were strategically done to capture on our Weekly, Weekend and Monthly inclusions, which allowed more viewership from readers who were looking for a range of activities within larger and more condensed timelines. 

Lastly, we ran this advertisement across our Toronto channel a total of 5 times to ensure repetition, while also provided a slightly different approach with our copy. This allowed Dior’s pop up to be seen by many different audience members, thus increasing the amount that the ads made impressions.

The Results

The client expressed pleasure with the ads, noting that they had seen increased interest and traffic to the event. The client was also happy with how our team worked with them to ensure the important elements of their brand language was transferred to our advertisements in a way that was genuine and palatable for our readers.

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