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Case Study


Cymbiotika Popular Wellness Brand

The Goal

The goal of Cymbiotika’s campaign was to raise brand awareness about their organization within Canada and to increase conversions and overall sales on their online platform.

The Campaign

Composed of Instagram Advertisements, Instagram Reels, Instagram Stories, Instagram Contest, Sponsored Articles and Newsletter Inclusions in the Canada, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton & Vancouver markets, this campaign ran over the course of a 3-month period from January to end of March.

This campaign timeline allowed us to introduce Cymbiotika across our channels while building credibility of the brand with every post shared, encouraging our audience to try this leading health supplement brand.

The Strategy

The strategic direction of the campaign began with positioning Cymbiotika and a popular and leading health supplement brand in Canada. This was executed by solidifying the content direction with trending and high-demand products that Cymbiotika sells. 

Once the products for promotion were determined, we separated the scope into two phases, the first focusing on their most popular health supplement and creating relatable, engaging and click-worthy content for our audience. In phase two we took the same approach and mirrored the content with a collection of high-performing products that aligned with our audience’s interests and needs. Both phases focussed on relatable and trending health symptoms that everyone experiences, ensuring that the products have a use for everyone and all. Similarly, the scope was separated evenly across both phases ensuring that each product focused on the same amount of content dedicated to promoting Cymbiotika. 

Lastly, Cymbiotika provided a single tracking link that was used in all sponsored articles, link in bio’s and newsletter inclusions to track their engagement and conversion on their platforms.

The Results

The Cymbiotia campaign proved to be an outstanding success. While they have no guaranteed impressions, the estimate was approximately 237k and after the campaign was wrapped, in total it received nearly 490k impressions, almosting doubling its target. In addition, since one of Cymbiotika’s goals was to increase brand awareness, we can confidently say that this partnership positioned them as a popular and leading health supplement brand in Canada, making them a possible next choice when Canadians plan to level up their health.