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Case Study


The 2023 JUNOS

The Goal

The goal of the JUNOS campaign was to connect to local and regional audiences, build awareness of the JUNOS in Edmonton, and to help drive ticket sales.

The Campaign

Composed of Instagram Advertisements, an Instagram Contest, Pinned Sponsored Articles, and Things To Do Inclusions in both Calgary & Edmonton, the campaign ran over the course of a 4-month period from the end of 2022 through to early March 2023. This allowed us ample time to make our audience aware of the event, build hype, and encourage our audience to purchase tickets to the several events happening during JUNO week.

The Strategy

The campaign was divided into three phases. The first phase aimed to create general awareness about the event. The second phase focused on building hype and providing a more detailed look at the event, including JUNOS from previous years. The third phase was published within two weeks of the event and included a contest, need-to-know details, and urgent language to encourage participation in JUNO week.

We also pinned sponsored articles highlighting hyper-local elements of the event, such as Alberta artist attendees, Tate McRae, and Nickelback. Finally, we included the JUNOS in our “Things To Do” guides in both cities to ensure our audience knew what to expect during JUNO week. 

This multifaceted campaign ran over four months, giving us ample time to build hype, share iconic moments from previous JUNOS, and encourage our audience to purchase tickets to all of the incredible events happening throughout the week.

The Results

Our JUNOS campaign proved to be an outstanding success, with over 378K impressions generated and significant excitement among our target audience. Our campaign helped connect the event to the right audiences and increase visibility across the board.