If you’ve lived in Toronto for more than ten minutes, chances are that you’ve spotted a raccoon or two. Or seventeen. Or eight hundred and fifty-three. Seriously, this city has a bit of a raccoon problem. But one Torontonian has spotted a raccoon that isn’t quite like the others. No, this raccoon isn’t respectfully avoiding breaking and entering the resident’s property. It’s still in Toronto, after all.

But what makes it different? Well, it’s an albino raccoon! Yup, the furry friend (or foe, depending on how long you’ve been here) is completely white. It’s certainly not something we’ve seen before. And dare we say it’s almost cute…? Haha just kidding, kind of.

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So albinism in raccoons is said to be super rare. Like 1 in 10,000 raccoons, rare. And although it feels like there are more than 10,000 raccoons on every corner in the city, even in Toronto the all-white animal is hard to spot.

So check it out to mix up your daily raccoon spotting. Cause chances are, tonight when you take out the garbage, the raccoon waiting for you won’t look like this one.