A new cannabis shop is opening up in Toronto that is unlike any we’ve seen before. It’s The Neighbourhood Joint. And to use their words, it’s “where the best buds hang out.” Haha get it? Best buds. Pretty funny stuff, you guys.

Anyway, this weed shop is a one-stop-shop for all things cannabis. They offer a huge selection of products; from edibles, pre-rolls, to vapes, and more. And they’re a family-owned joint (that’s a pun – you’re welcome) with a super friendly and open ambience.

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neighbourhood joint

But what makes this place really special? It’s their pneumatic tube system. Yes, you read that correctly. The entire place is functioning with a system of handy dandy tubes that allow for super quick and easy retrieval of product. It seriously looks like the stuff of the future in there you guys.

So the spot had their soft opening in the Beaches this past Tuesday. But their official grand opening date is set for August 1st. They’re the first store of their kind in all of Ontario. So we’re definitely pumped to see what they’re all about.


Where: 1987 Queen St E