The Canadian Cannabis Umbrella just got a little wider! The Ontario-based company Aphria just made a major acquisition – one of America’s largest beer baddies – the Georgia SweetWater Brewery.

This could be huge for the company and its consumers, as SweetWater is actually the 14th largest brewery in all of the United States.

If you’re unfamiliar with the brand, the reason for their partnership might seem unclear. Obviously, they both make “recreational” products, but what is a marijuana distributor going to do with a brewery?

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Well, SweetWater is actually incredibly well known for its cannabis-inspired ales – in fact, they have an entire “420” series, featuring buds like their Dank Tank, Mango Kush Wheat Ale, and the Trainwreck Hazy Double. Subtle. They’ve also established an entire music festival back in 2004, that they aptly named “420 Fest.”

Wowza! This partnership might be one to watch folks.

We can’t say for sure, but we certainly wouldn’t be surprised if there was either a smoky festival or a liquid high in Canada’s near future.