We’ve all got one friend or two that doesn’t hesitate to whip out the old guitar. Heck, they might even play a few gigs a year with a local band. Well, you need to share the return of the Record Store Day ‘Unsigned Competition’ with them, since the prize benefits everyone!

That’s because this year, the winning entry will get a whopping 200 vinyl records made to show off their music! This very unique prize comes courtesy of Microforum Vinyl Pressing, which is located in Ontario.

But more importantly you, as a friend, will probably get your own copy to show off during your next dinner party. Trust us- that extremely used copy of Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours earned a break a long time ago.

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The rules of the contest are pretty straightforward, too. Basically, any music artist is invited to create a new YouTube video of an original song and share it with the official contest page. Pick wisely, though, because the contest will not accept multiple entries. If you want a full breakdown of the rules, you can check them out right here.

The contest opens this Wednesday, September 1st. It’ll be open for a while, and will be accepting entries until the end of November. Once again folks, it’s time for your musical friends to shine on a national stage!