This is how you make the most of a less-than-ideal situation. After spending their final year at the University of New Brunswick in the isolation of their bedrooms, a group of 5 friends decided to go on the Canadian road trip of a lifetime in a converted school bus that they renovated themselves.

Back in the spring, 22-year-old Matt White and his 4 buddies, Thomas Gogan, Evan Larkin, Chanwoo Park, and Draydon Scott, planned to celebrate their graduation with a backpacking trip in Europe, but the ongoing restrictions made them rethink their plans. As luck would have it, they found someone selling an old school bus, which they saw as the perfect opportunity for a road trip.

“We finished our last exams on May 2nd, and on May 3rd we […] drove to pick up the bus,” White told Curiocity. “After that, we spent 8 weeks renovating it, ripping out the old walls and seating, and converting it into a camper.”

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They gutted the vehicle, replaced the walls, installed sub-flooring, a full electrical system with solar panels, bunk beds, a couch that turns into a dinette, a 60-gallon water tank that runs to a sink and a shower, a kitchen with a propane stove, a fridge, and even a toilet.

They worked on the renovations until June 28th, painted the bus bright blue, and gave it a new name — The Antelope. As soon as the job was complete and everyone was fully vaccinated, they took off on their cross-country tour, documenting every stop along the way on Instagram.

Two months later, the group reached the final leg of their journey in Victoria, and with the trip coming to a close, White said they’re hoping to sell the bright turquoise bus to someone who will love it as much as they do. They’re hoping to get $35,000 for it and they already have some interested buyers, but nothing confirmed as of yet.

“We wish we could keep exploring, but unfortunately, we have to get real jobs and get on with real life,” said White. Their adventure may be over, but with just 160,000 km on her odometer, this is hopefully just the beginning of The Antelope’s legacy.