Prepare to see some more magic in our skies in the coming days. The next full moon is this Sunday, August 22, and it’s a rare one that only comes around every five years. This particular moon is called the Blue Corn Moon and it’s the third of four full moons we can expect to see this season, according to The Weather Network‘s Scott Sutherland.

The Blue Moon is usually called the Sturgeon Moon, but according to Sutherland, Indigenous communities refer to this as the Corn Moon, just like in Disney’s Pocahontas. In a typical season, we will only get three full moons, but in the rare event that there are four of them in one season, the Blue Corn Moon makes its appearance. Hence, the saying, “once in a Blue Moon” — the more you know!

You’ll want to get outside and gaze up for this one because we won’t see another one until 2024, says The Weather Network. However, according to the Farmer’s Almanac, it’ll reach its peak on Sunday morning and will be visible on Saturday night too.

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The Blue Moon isn’t actually blue though, according to TWN. But, Venus will make an appearance on the western horizon, as well as Jupiter and Saturn. The fourth and final full moon of the summer will be on September 20th, and it’s known as the Harvest Moon.

Just last week, the Perseids meteor shower reached its peak, sending shooting stars through our skies for “the best meteor shower of the year,” according to NASA. There are many incredible places to see the night sky in Canada, like dark sky preserves and observatories. If you’re located in a city like Toronto, though, you can still find some more secluded spots in nature to enjoy the view.