Get ready and stay ready, Toronto, because this July and August, we and everyone else on the planet will have a front-row seat to one of our solar system’s most incredible events – the Perseid Meteor Shower. If you’re not sure where to watch the Perseid Meteor Shower in Toronto, we’ve got plenty of options for you.

Showcasing between 50 to 100 shooting stars per hour during its peak, this stunning celestial phenomenon will be visible between July 18 and August 21 and is set to peak on August 12 and 13.

We may not have any dark sky preserves within our city’s borders, but these spots are guaranteed to give you the best views of the Perseids anywhere in Toronto.


Head to the west end and find a spot in this massive park for some prime stargazing. There are tons of secluded enclaves around High Park where you can see the stars clearly with minimal light interference.

Where: 1873 Bloor St West


If High Park is too out of your way, head over to the sprawling green space at Sunnybrook Park in North York. With trees that line every pathway and riverbed, grass as far as the eye can see, and benches aplenty, Sunnybrook is the ultimate spot for couples, friends, or just for one to enjoy their own company.

Where: 1132 Leslie St, Toronto, ON


This location has some epic views even when the sky is not lit up, so you know it’s a must-hit for this. Travel to the outer edges of Toronto to enjoy beaches, trails, and of course awesome views. The distance from downtown means you can enjoy the sky without too much light pollution getting in your way.

Where: 1 Brimley Rd S

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Located in the Port Lands, Leslie Spit is a serene, kind of secret, space completely removed from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Take a seat on the shores and take in a sunset, a sunrise or in tonight’s case, an incredible meteor shower.

Where: Directions here


Centred around a river of the same name, Rouge National Park is free of Toronto’s streetlights, buildings or vehicles. This week, take a deep breath, make a wish (or 150) and enjoy a quiet evening under the stars.

Where: Zoo Rd, Toronto, ON


If you’re over in the west end, be sure to check out this awesome gem. There are loads of greenery and waterfront sights to explore. Plus, the on-site butterfly habitat is a must-see this spring. If you’ve got the time, try hitting it up before the sun sets and extending your stay to the evening for the meteor shower.

Where: 100 Humber Bay Park Rd W

So there you have, it friends. The best places to catch the Perseid’s meteor shower. It’s certainly not every day that we get to see this kind of thing, so don’t miss it. Let’s hope for clear skies!