If there’s anything that we’ve learned during this pandemic it’s that going into the office every single day may not be necessary for a productive workplace. And now, one small town in Ontario is rethinking the conventional 5-day 9-5 workweek. And instead, they’re adopting a 4-day version.

Welcome to Zorra Township of Ingersoll, Ontario. The spot where, starting this month, administrative staff will get to choose to work for only four days a week, with altering days off. The way it’ll work will be changing the workday hours from 8:30 AM – 4:30 – PM to 8 AM – 5 PM. The extra half hour at the beginning and end of the day will allow employees a little extra free time overall.

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Plus, because of the altering schedules, workplaces will actually end up being open for longer. And the extra hour of service per day will be super beneficial for the community.

The new workweek structure will be in place for the next eight months. And once that time is up, local officials will decide whether it’ll be here to stay.

So if you are sick of your 9-5, move to the Zorra Township in Ingersoll! We’re super excited to see if this new schedule catches on. And who knows, maybe your city will be next!