It looks like Ontario will be working from home for the foreseeable future


working from home

So the new normal across Ontario has quickly become working from home. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March, most of the province has made do with makeshift offices and Zoom conference calls. And even as Ontario moves into Stage 3, it doesn’t look like working from home is going anywhere soon.

That’s right, despite the reopening of tons of businesses that are coming with Stage 3, it’s still highly recommended that those that are able to work from home continue to do so. Health Minister Christine Elliot has said that Ontario will probably stay in Stage 3 until a vaccine is found. So it seems like this at-home set up is pretty much set in stone.

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Of course, some companies have tried to figure out how to make it work in the office. But social distancing in some office spaces just isn’t possible. Think, for example, about those high rise Toronto buildings where thousands of folks are using the same four elevators every day. Yeah, it’s just not the safest route right now.

So if you’ve been getting sick of your apartment office, our best recommendation would be to invest in some new room decor. Maybe a plant? A new piece of art? You could even use your extra quarantine time to craft something to brighten up your space. Cause it looks like the working from home trend is one that’s here to stay.