Well, Maan Farms is kicking off their Fall at the Farm Festival this month, and they’ve gone in a decidedly, uh, natural direction about it. This Fraser Valley farm has decided to bring in a poop-themed corn maze for their fall experience. We’re a little bit confused about it, to say the least. But hey, we’ve gotta poop or get off the pot, and give you the run(s)down.

For its 13th instalment, the 7-acre corn maze at Maan Farms will be all about animal poop. As you wind through the tight squeezes and dead ends, you’ll come across different facts about animal poop. And, there are 10 trivia questions about it as well, just in case you really need to remember what you learn while you’re in there. Pick up a handout before you enter, complete the (probably poop-themed) scramble jamble, and enter it after you’re done to win a ‘prize’. We’re guessing it’s some take on Manzoni’s Merda d’artista (1961), but that’s just speculation.

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Luckily, or unluckily(?), that’s the only part of the Maan Farms experience that’s poop-themed. All of the other attractions (the pumpkin patch, the seasonal eats, the barnyard animal experience, etc..) will be business as usual. So, maybe start with one of those options, and keep the corn maze squarely at No. 2 on your itinerary. But whatever route you take, you’ll be happy as a pig in, well, you can probably guess the word.

The Maan Farms Fall Festival kicks off on September 17th, and tickets are already on sale. If you feel like this is the year you check out a poop-themed corn maze in BC, well then, your time has come.

The Maan Farms Fall Festival

When: Kicks off Saturday, September 17th
Where: 790 McKenzie Road, Abbotsford
Cost: $15.50+ for GA