Luc Samanski has struck again. The same local artists behind the Toronto Raccoon mock NFL jerseys just released new Tampa Bay Raptors Jerseys. He posted photos of the designs on Instagram yesterday, and already fans are going wild.

The Tampa Bay Raptors Jerseys feature a pink raptor playing basketball, offset by a light blue background. The colour palette is giving us major Florida vibes. Which is definitely fitting for the jerseys.

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Of course, this all comes following the announcement that the Toronto Raptors will be hosted in Tampa Bay this year. Thanks to COVID-19 travel restrictions, this is the safest move for the upcoming season. But don’t worry, even with their new location, they’re still repping the True North Strong and Free.

If you’d like to get your hands on one of these snazzy new jerseys, you can do so right here. They’re available for pre-order up until December 8th.