With 206 million users, it’s no surprise that there are a few people with the same name or a similar handle on Twitter – but it has been known to cause some problems. Because the space is shared by regular Joe’s, Jane’s, Jamie’s as well as celebrities, politicians, and journalists, it’s pretty common for someone who’s just there for what’s trending to be mistaken for someone with a large platform or a controversial view on a hot topic. From wild DM’s to angry mentions, what does one do when they’re associated with someone under the limelight simply because their parents wrote the same letters on a birth certificate?

Well, while some may choose to deactivate their Twitter account or change their ‘@’, Jason Kenney has decided to make some lemonade, and believe us when we say, it’s pretty sweet.

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Since he won the election in 2019, Alberta’s Jason Kenney (the other Jason) has received some serious heat from the people that he’s governed… but that’s only half of it.

The other half? They actually went to an observer in Virginia who happens to share the same name.

For those who don’t actually seek the correct information, @Jkenney and @JasonKenney are often mixed up on the platform and over the last few years Virginia Jason has received what we can only imagine has been hundreds of messages… some of which he actually chooses to share with his 7,260 followers.

Since then, he’s actually become pretty involved in Alberta’s politics, trolling both supporters and those who disagree with the way that the province is being run in the comments and we Stan.

Despite everything that he’s received he’s managed to stay pretty light-hearted about the confusion, even taking the opportunity to drive his new-found audience to several charitable organizations including the World Pediatric Project – so toss him a follow.

And… please, make sure you’re sending your DM’s to the right person. There are many a Jason out there – but there’s only one Premier of Alberta – and he’s definitely not from Richmond.