We don’t know much, but we do know that Korean corn dogs in Seattle are a good idea. The international chain Chung Chun opened a location here this past weekend. Here’s why you need to check it out.

You can toss aside your idea of what a corn dog is when you visit Chung Chun. Instead of corn batter, these guys use a rice flour batter that results in a chewy, almost sticky consistency. Might sound weird, but trust us here.

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Then, their menu introduces some truly foreign options. Try a corn dog with potato chunks, ramen noodles or even a squid ink batter. However, the one thing we think is a must here is the cheese.

Instead of being drizzled on top, this corn dog features a layer of cheddar cheese between the dog and the batter. Or, for the purists out there, there’s also what is essentially a massive mozzarella stick.

It does sound pretty tempting, full disclosure.

Chung Chun Seattle

Hours: Daily, 11AM-9PM
Where: 502 S King Street