In a time of elections, social unrest, and general compassion fatigue for Seattle’s homeless, one organization is trying to bring change to an issue that has only grown bigger and bigger in Seattle. Union Gospel Mission’s “Angels: Lost and Found” portraits can be seen on several buildings across the city. These images are of fellow Seattleites who have overcome homelessness.

The project was started as an effort to get the city’s new leaders to continue paying attention to the issue at hand. It’s a short-term art installation that you will be able to see on 8 private buildings across Seattle and it ends Saturday night. Most folks are obviously very aware of Seattle’s homeless situation but this installation aims to look at the issue with care and compassion.

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Photo via Seattle Union Gospel Mission

The projected images feature both men and women of all ages who have made it off the streets with help from Union Gospel Mission and its programs. They also include short statements of what these individuals have experienced. Once again, showing that these people are fellow Seattleites just like us all with their own unique struggles.

The photos were taken by Lee Jeffries who is known for individuals living on the street, as well as commercial photographers Francis Catania and Shawn Michienzi. You’ll also be able to hear music in the installation from Seattle-based musician, Star Anna. If you’re looking for a moving art installation to see this weekend, this is well worth checking out. You can learn more about it by clicking below

Angels: Lost and Found

When: November 5th & 6th
Where: Various locations around Seattle
Cost: Free