You might not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like. Over the weekend, an Ontario man broke his own record for running a ‘beer mile’ at an annual event held in Manchester, England. What’s more, he did it in a truly impressive time.

For reference, here’s how the event works. Runners kick things off with a brewski, then run a 1/4 mile. Rinse and repeat four times, and you’ve got 4 beers consumed over a gruelling mile-long race. Yeah, it’s a tough mix between great cardio and an even stronger stomach.

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Which makes Corey Bellemore’s feat all the more impressive. The Adidas-sponsored athlete was a former runner at the University of Windsor, and he’s been breaking his own records since he started competing back in 2016. And this year, he put up his best time ever, completing the mile in an astonishing 4:28.

For reference, the best marathon runners in the world average around 5 minutes per mile. And while they’re running more (a lot more), they’re also not slamming beers in the middle of it.

So yeah, we consider this to be a pretty incredible feat for Corey. Our only hope is that he continues to push himself, you can break the 4-minute barrier! We believe in you.