You’ve seen it, you’ve loved it and now you can live it .. without dire consequences. Calgary’s Snowcapz Café has just launched a number of new desserts and to celebrate they’re giving customers a chance to win their tasty treats for FREE by inviting them to play the dalgona game – made popular in North America by the Netflix hit, Squid Game. 

Using a toothpick and sleight of hand, hungry Calgarians will be challenged to cut out a clean shape without cracking or breaking their cookie – a task that had our hearts racing during the third episode of the South Korean original.

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Unlike the players in the show, however, your prize will not come at your friend’s expense – which, is great, because… trauma.

Instead, it will just be you, a dessert, and the chance to win your cookie.

The rules are simple! Successfully remove the shape in one piece and your dalgona is free of charge. Lose and pay the ultimate price…. of $3.50.

Sadly, this will be a limited-time offer though, so check them out ASAP! According to their Instagram, you’ve only got until October 31st, which will be hear and gone in a flash.

Good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor.


Where: 216 14 Ave SE, Calgary