On Tuesday, the BC MP Dan Albas, who represents the Central Okanagan–Similkameen–Nicola (surprise, surprise) has introduced a bill that would allow direct-to-consumer sales of alcohol across Canada. Currently, interprovincial regulations don’t allow a producer in BC to sell to consumers in other provinces, and vice-versa. Here’s a little more info.

Albas is saying that provincially-backed companies like the LCBO in Ontario (or the BCL) basically control their markets, and in turn, this affects the variety available on a given day. And, there are already ‘wine subscription’ companies like Wine Collective that ship nationwide.

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We have to admit, it does make sense. As more and more shopping occurs online, producers should be able to ship their beer, wine, or spirits across Canada. And while third parties do offer some direct-to-consumer options, it would be nice to simply directly support the producer you want to buy from.

Of course, the gears of government move pretty slowly. But, we’ll keep you updated if any more news about this new proposal comes out. In the meanwhile, shop local folks!