Ah, the Vancouver barge. It’s been sitting on Vancouver’s shoreline for a month, after crashing into it back on November 15. It’s been memed, joked about, received some pretty solid tourist reviews, and now it’s got its own ‘Barge Chilling Beach’ sign.

In a Twitter post made Wednesday, the Vancouver Park Board announced a ‘little holiday gift’ to Vancouver. ‘No matter what storms life may send our way, we’ll always be here for you,’ the post continued, making a slight tongue-in-cheek joke towards the barge remaining in place for a month.

The ‘Barge Chilling Beach’ is a clear reference to Vancouver’s famed ‘Dude Chilling Park’, which actually had its sign sawed off then replaced earlier this year.

As for the Vancouver barge, there’s no word yet on when it will be removed. When that does happen, though, fingers crossed the Barge Chilling Beach sign stays up, and continuously reminds us of this odd piece of Vancouver history.