Well, folks if you live in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood you might have noticed that an iconic park is missing its sign. Can you guess which park? Yep, Dude Chilling Park sadly got its sign stolen.

And this wasn’t just any old grab and go, no, the culprit actually sawed the sign clear off. But we suppose that makes sense since the parks board probably does a decent job securing the signs. That being said, Twitter user @jensenedw pointed out that it’s “likely now displayed on an East Van living room wall above a shelf of empty growlers, adjacent to a crate full of those tiny toques”. We think they’re probably right.

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Now if you’re concerned, don’t be, because the city will, of course, replace the sign. And in fact, the original poster @CaraMcK informed Twitter that brackets had been placed on the original sign poles. So that means you can probably expect to see a new sign in the next few days.

Although who knows, Maybe stealing the Dude Chilling Park sign will become some sort of new game in the city (it kinda already is). And while we’re not giving anyone any ideas, we wouldn’t be surprised if that’s the case. With that, we hope this story makes you laugh. Have a great day Vancouver!