Toronto is home to millions of people, so we’re willing to bet that no matter how niche and obscure your hobbies are, there’s a business or service that caters right to you. There is no shortage of things to do in this city that are as mainstream as mimosa brunches and as unconventional as Mythological cosplay and segway ghost tours. Whether you’re a total oddball or as basic as they come, you’re sure to find your tribe in this crazy town.

If you want to know just how unique this city is, check out this list of some of the unexpected things you can rent by the hour in Toronto.


The Swimply app lets pool owners in Toronto rent out their backyards to people looking for a swim on a summer day. Say goodbye to public pools with floating bandaids and way too many crowds. This app provides a more personal, friendly, and neighbourly way to lounge poolside, and a convenient way for pool owners to make some extra cash.

Where: Check it out online


Toronto Kayaks is the city’s only transparent-LED-light-and-bluetooth-equipped-hybrid-kayak-canoe available. Whew, that’s a mouthful! But every word in that multi-hyphenate is another perk this service offers. You’ll be straight vibing when you glide across the water in these glowing summer boats.

Where: Humber Bay Park & Humber Arch Bridge
Cost: $70-$110 per ride


No trip to the Toronto Islands is complete without a tandem cruise on a quadricycle. Sure, it may be the nerdiest contraption ever invented, but it’s a cheap thrill that will surely lead to great inside jokes and selfies. If you can’t convince your friends, you can also opt for regular bikes that cost just $9 an hour to rent.

Where: Island Bicycle Rental
Cost: $34 per hour


Skate your way through the city’s Bentway trail with a pair of retro four-wheel roller skates you can rent by the hour. The skates come in bright summer colours with matching protective gear. Spend an afternoon gliding around Fort York and snap some cute photos while you’re at it.

Where: 250 Fort York Blvd
Cost: Starting at $18


Experience the city like a true tourist, and be sure to bring a friend along so that in case you run into someone you know, you can be embarrassed together. The Distillery District boasts award-winning segway tours that take you on a 14-acre journey through the city. There’s even a ghost tour version, so you can hear creepy stories and make a speedy getaway in case you run into goblins.

Where: 30 Gristmill Lane
Cost: Starting at $39

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Want to roam the streets dressed like a Mythological creature? How about a 1950s action hero, walrus, or robot? Malabar Limited has just what you need and much, much, much more. The staff will even help you research the perfect getup for your occasion. You can find this costume shop just north of Queen St. West on McCaul St., and even if you’re not in the market for a costume, it’s fun to browse the unbelievable inventory.

Where: 14 McCaul St


You’ve probably seen these yellow boats bobbing around in Lake Ontario before, so why not cross this Toronto tradition off your bucket list? These boats require pedaling, not paddling, so be prepared to work those quad muscles as you boogie your way across the water. You can rent a 2-person boat or a 4-person boat as long as you can round up enough people willing to do this with you.

Where: 955 Lake Shore Blvd
Cost: Starting at $25


You don’t have to take a trip down south to play volleyball in the sand in the middle of winter. There’s actually a giant indoor beach volleyball facility in the northern end of the city. You can rent out an entire court for you and 10 to 18 people to play for 90 minutes or more. Whether you’re looking to get competitive or just want to run and dive around in the sand, this is the place to go.

Where: Beach Blast, 15 Leswyn Rd
Cost: $60 per hour


Okay, let’s be real, this kind of sounds like a torture device, but whatever you’re picturing couldn’t be further from the truth. These cabins are actually more like pods where you float on your back in saltwater and enter a deeply relaxing and meditative state. There’s a variety of float experiences you can try at H2O Float Studio, simulating a starry night sky, a rainforest, the middle of the ocean, and more. The sensory deprivation float is in “complete darkness and solitude,” letting your mind travel to a place of self-awareness and discovery.

Where: 25 Mill St.
Cost: $75