An unpopular opinion on your favourite pizza place or topping could easily divide a room and we’ve all seen it happen. For whatever reason, whether or not pineapple belongs on pizza has been the debate of the decade. If foodies were electable politicians, pizza would kind of be the ‘taxes’ of the edible world. Ya’ know… a real hot topic or deciding factor. Now, we know someone out there is going to get their crusts in a bunch, but here are our picks for the best pizza places that offer delivery in Calgary.

Noble Pie

Noble Pie is a popup, last located upstairs in Calgary’s Eighty-Eight Brewing Company. Each slice is massive, and crazy delish – which is why we’d recommend getting your order in quickly when you get the chance. Unfortunately, as of right now, they’re on a bit of a hiatus, but during regular hours they typically offer curbside pickup from Thursday to Sunday from 3:30 pm to 8:30 pm.

Service: Order online here

Pizza Face

Pizza Face has become a Calgary must-eat. This pop-up style eatery shares a kitchen with Bar Von Der Fels on 1st street and only operates from Tuesdays through to Sundays. They also have a partnership with Meal Share and honestly, there’s really nothing like grabbing a slice knowing that it’s going to help someone in need!

Service: Order online here

National on 17th

National now offers its pizza bar via take-out and delivery! Grab yourself or you and your quarantine buddy a whole 16 inches with toppings like Fior Di Later, chilli peppers, sauces, sausage, and cheeses. Uhm, yum.

Services: Online here

A Pizza Plus

A Pizza Plus does not skimp out on cheese or toppings. These guys take New York-style pizza seriously. They’re a small family-run business on Bow Trail and they have us by the hearts and the taste buds. Their slices are deep, heavy and exceptionally comforting

Service: Order by phone at 403-827-1747

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UNA Pizza

Truffle honey has changed the way we eat za. Una is all about big flavour, thin pizzas, and inventive toppings. UNA also works with Mealshare, a buy one give one organization, rotating their ‘MS pizza’ weekly!

Service: Order online here

POW Pizza

Detroit-style pizza is where it’s at, folks. These square-shaped bad boys are deep and packed corner to corner with flavour. Their toppings are totally out of the norm, exciting and delish! You guys have to check this place out!

Service: Skip the Dishes

Carmine’s Pizzeria

Carmine’s is a Curiocity favourite. Their pizzas are big and the sauces are bold. These guys do not mess around with their toppings, potion size or flavour. Also, their staff and service are just really great.

Service: Skip the Dishes

Pizzeria Gaga

Named one of Calgary’s best pizza shops, Pizzeria Gaga rounds out or list of pizza delivery faves. These guys bake classic flavours made with love for the traditionalists, and new, more outlandish flavours for those who are in the mood for something different! 10/10 would recommend.

Service: Order online here

Niko’s Pizza

Specializing in Greek-style pizza and grub, this place is an institution. They use fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and have been one of Calgary’s best pizza spots for a long while.

Service: Order online here

Sound off, Calgary! What’s your favourite pizza place? Do you think pineapple has any business on a slice of the good stuff? We’re curious! Let us know on Twitter and Instagram! Bone apple teeth!