The seasons are changing, and with that, comes a change in routine. But as our schedules fill up, it’s important to remember to save time for ourselves. And as tough as that might be, it’s not impossible. It’s actually kind of easy, and it’s all thanks to Bike Share Toronto! 

Let’s face it- getting around Toronto isn’t always the most efficient, or the most affordable. From traffic to transit, to hefty parking and gas feeds, the list of cons can work its way up. So maybe it’s time to toss your keys to the side and work a bike ride or two into your everyday life.

Seriously though, just look at the pros. It helps reduce your carbon footprint, it helps squeeze exercise into our hectic routines, it saves time on travel and parking, AND it gives us instant street cred, ‘cause biking is officially hip. So, it comes as no surprise that the streets of Toronto are witnessing an ever-increasing fleet of bikers.

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With Bike Share’s 6,850 bikes and 625 stations accessible across 200 km2 of the city, biking in Toronto has never been easier or more fun than right now. No matter where you start in the city, there will be a dock about 15 minutes from you. 

All you have to do is buy the pass that’ll give you access to unlimited 30-minute rides (or unlimited 45-minute rides with the Annual 45 Membership), unlock a bike at the dock, ride, reload 30-minutes (if you wish to), and dock it when time’s up. Don’t forget to dock before your 30 or 45 minute time is up to avoid overage fees.

Easy bike and dock accessibility isn’t the only reason why we’re thankful for Bike Share, they’ve constantly been making our lives easier. Here are 6 of the many ways how…

Corporate Membership Program

Given its convenience and other benefits (you’ll discover as you read), the individual passes Bike Share Toronto offers are totally worth the price. But as a return-to-office favour, they recently launched the Corporate Membership Program that allows you and your colleagues to get an annual membership for 20% less. And even an additional reduction if your employer wishes to cover part of it. Camaraderie and cost-effectiveness, biking doesn’t get better than this.

Time Maximized

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The last year and a half aside, the one thing every urbanite struggles with is finding time in their hectic schedule. But bikesharing comes with more perks than just getting you from Point A to Point B. While your ride to work can be an intense exercise session, your ride back can be a relatively relaxed one along the scenic route enjoying the stunning fall views. So, you commute, get in a workout, and check out the gorgeous Toronto fall scene all at the same time.

Saving Them Bucks

It’s no news to anyone that biking is a big buck saver, especially with Bike Share- no fuel AND no maintenance. But in a city like Toronto where parking rates are stratospheric and a city transit pass on the heavier side of the pocket, bikesharing the whole or the last leg of your commute can be a game-changer for your budget and your health.

Time Well Spent

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Heavy traffic aside, a major part of our commute actually comprises of parking. Even seasoned Torontonians find it hard sometimes to hunt for a spot. And, it especially seems hardly worth it when you’re running from meeting to meeting, appointment to appointment, or heading for lunch with friends. So the next time you’re heading out to a spot that’s allllmost walkable, we suggest hopping on a bike instead.

The Cardio Element

Our almost unused gym cards are proof that we are too busy, too lazy or both to hit the gym every day. While working from home or office, biking a few kilometers is a quick, easy and affordable workout option to get your heart pumping, refresh your mind and breathe in the pleasant autumn air. Plus, if you’re heading out to your Zumba or spin class, it works as a nice warm-up and gives you an added boost.

Exploring The Inaccessible

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Frankly, the whole of Toronto and many surrounding areas are easier explored on bikes. Because honestly, Toronto streets are a gas-peddler’s nightmare for the most part. While some places are difficult to drive, there are others that are downright impossible. Bike Share is a cool way to explore these otherwise almost inaccessible areas like the beautiful Distillery District, the Tommy Thompson Park or even the upcoming culture hub that is the Port Lands area. Just make sure you’re topping up your ride time every 30 minutes (or 45 minutes with the Annual 45 membership) to avoid the overage charges.

We bet you’re dying to hop on a bike right away. And we don’t want to hold you back. To grab a pass, check out the Bike Share website and then find out your nearest station via the PBSC app. Happy biking, Toronto!