Yes, we agree with you one hundred percent− fall is unfairly short for a season so loved. But a while ago, we had this epiphany that maybe, just maybe, our extreme love for the season is only partially because of the breathtakingly colourful views, the cool, crisp weather, the cozy sweaters and the pumpkin-spiced everything. The other part, ironically, is the fact that it’s short-lived which works as the perfect motivation to get the laziest of us off the couches. Enjoy it while it lasts being the modus operandi. 

While road trips and getaways are fall staples, they can’t really be every day or even every weekend norm. And so, we’re glad to be in a city that has a slew of amazing fall activities to offer. From fresh u-picks to delicious pumpkin-spiced drinks and everything in between there’s no dearth of autumn-y things to indulge in.

farmers market
Photo via Curiocity

Before we launch into the list, we thought we’d fill you in on this cost- and fuel-efficient way to get to all these activities and events− Communauto. Given their rising popularity, we wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve already used the service. We’ve been using it for a while now and have to admit we were pretty impressed. For one, the rates. Damn! They’re low. And for two, you never have to worry about parking. Nope, not kidding. You can easily drop the cars in one of their FLEX zones which are just about everywhere.

Besides, it’s not like the autumn weather agrees with scooters. Anyway, Communauto is like the easiest and most affordable car share program in the city- whether you’re in the burbs trying to get downtown to check out the shops, or in the downtown core trying to get out and pick some pumpkins.

Now, back to the list. Here are our top picks to enjoy the Edmonton fall to its fullest…

Hit them pumpkin patches to bag the freshest of them all

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Carve them or cook them, there’s no joy quite like browsing through a pumpkin patch and picking our own lil’ and big ones. While many close in September, there are still some like The Jungle Farms and the Prairie Gardens that are open for late-runners like ourselves. Bonus: They also have u-pick strawberries.

Work your way around the Edmonton Corn Maze

The Edmonton Corn Maze is a classic Edmontonian attraction that never gets old. And that’s for a reason. They give us a new design each year. In fact, we have a feeling the design keeps getting tougher each year too. Either that or we’re becoming more stupid (we prefer to think it’s the former). Just so you know, you can get here with your Communauto ride because they aren’t limited to the city zone.

Relish all the non-PSL fall drinks

edmonton fall
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Tim Hortons and Starbucks aside, there are plenty of cafes and bars offering a full-blown fall menu, one that’s worth trying. And no, it doesn’t count as disloyalty towards our beloved Pumpkin Spiced Latte. Our favourite fall picks would have to be Honey Espresso Chai with Steamed Oat Milk at Good Earth Coffeehouse and Pumpkin Pie Spiced Ale at Alley Kat Brewing Company.

Get thoroughly spooked at Fort Edmonton Park

What’s October without a little spook? Get screaming at the Fort Edmonton Park this year with 3 insane, goosebump-inducing concepts- Under the Big Top, Core Industries and Blood Harvest. That last one is our fav. And of course, you can car share with Communauto there ‘cause no parking struggles, remember?

Hike and leaf-peep your way through parks

With as many parks as Edmonton has, connecting with nature is never a concern. Plus, fall is arguably a great month for a short/long outdoor excursion. Cool air, no-harsh sun and views that stun the heck out of us- we are sold! You can hit one of the many parks within the city (see the long list here) or make a day trip of it by trailing through the Elk Island National Park.

Feast yourself and your eyes by picnicking at a look-off point

calgary fall
Photo via Curiocity

There are some 30 or so look off points that’ll give you great views of the beautiful and temporarily colourful city. Say, for example, the Gallagher Park Hill or the Strathearn Drive ‘Downtown Lookout’. Head to one of these with a picnic blanket, a nice pizza (we’re thinking, the Autumn Squash from Young & Restless), a sparkling cider and take in the beauty while devouring a squash-topped slice.

That was our list peeps. If you’re ready to take on any or all of the above fall adventures, well, head over to the Communauto website here to check out their car share rates and deets. You can thank us later!