With some sun in the forecast this week, we’re thinking that it’s a good time to talk about all the amazing spots that are perfect for an outdoor workout in Edmonton. We’ve got some amazing hidden (and not-so-hidden) gems to make the most of, whatever we’re in the mood for! So, let’s see what’s out there.

Here are 8 great spots for an outdoor workout in Edmonton.


outdoor workout edmonton
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Victoria Park

Edmonton has two options for cycling, in our opinion. First up is staying in the city limits and enjoy some River Valley trails. We like Victoria Park since it’s a straightforward loop that’s appropriate for all fitness levels. At the same time, those hills can be a real challenge if you want them to.

Elk Island Road Ride

The second option is to get out of the city, and enjoy some nearby spots. There’s no better place than Elk Island for that- the road loop is some 38km in length, making it the perfect option for a longer expedition. Plus, you might see some bison out there!


Government House Park

The top of Government House Park has some fantastic yoga spots, that offer stunning views of the river valley (a recurring theme in this list). Plus, its proximity to downtown makes it easier than ever to grab a delicious coffee after you wrap up.

Kinnaird Park

Meanwhile, Kinnaird Park gives some great views of the Edmonton skyline, without being in the very heart of the action. This is our pick if you’re trying to do some (social distance-friendly) yoga with your pals.

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whitemud creek
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Whitemud Creek Ravine

This may be surprising, but we enjoy the trail running in Whitemud Creek Ravine when compared to River Valley Parks. It’s just got a little more of a wild flair to it, and you can run dozens of routes and still have more to explore.

Forest Heights Park

If we are going to check out the River Valley, then we’re fans of what Forest Heights Park has to offer. It’s relatively flat, and features a beach that you can relax/take a break at while you’re out and about down there. If you just need a quick jaunt, this is for you.


Royal Glenora Stairs

Obviously, there are dozens of staircases around Edmonton’s River Valley. So, we’re just going to go with the absolute classic. Keep in mind that the province shut down the stairs for exercise last summer, so don’t go breaking public health rules just because we suggested this.

Rundle Park Disc Golf Course

Finally, we think that sports should definitely be counted as workouts. And, the only one that still has you exploring the city for free is disc golf! There are a couple of courses around the city, but we think that the one at Rundle Park is the best of them.

And, that’s our roundup of some great places for an outdoor workout in Edmonton! Stay safe and stay healthy this spring, folks!