Returning to the office…it’s safe to say, it hasn’t been all that easy, even for those like us who were quite frankly looking forward to it! Boredom and monotony aside, working from home did have its perks- all-day sweats, all-day pets, no travel, no routine for the most part and definitely more time on our hands.

So after 2 years of WFH, the switch back to office feels like a completely new experience, one that might take some serious adjusting to. And if you have been feeling the same way, well, we’ve got you covered.

Below are 6 cool and surprisingly effective things you can do to make your return to on-site work easy and exciting.

#1 Bike to work

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Our biggest issue with returning to the office was the increased travel time (and cost) and the decreased self-care time. So, we clubbed the two by biking to work with Bike Share Toronto. The bike sharing service has kept our bodies fit and minds refreshed all through the lockdown and is now continuing to do so as we make the big work move. For one, Bike Share is one of the most convenient ways to navigate TO. They have 6,850 bikes and some 652 stations that you can access 24/7 (and they’re growing this summer!) For two, it helps you squeeze in your daily cardio. Plus, the docks are so conveniently positioned that you can choose to bike part or all of the way depending on how much time you have. And for three, it saves you some serious bucks in travel, parking and gym memberships. It costs less than $10 a month for an annual membership and there are two options which provide you choice and flexibility. With their Corporate Membership Program, you and your colleagues can get an annual membership for 20% less. And even an additional reduction if your employer wishes to cover part of it.

#2 Take periodic breaks

Photo via Curiocity

Just because we aren’t home, it doesn’t mean we still can’t take a few minutes to revive ourselves. Step out for some fresh air to break up the work day. Walk around the block or Bike Share to your fave coffee shop to grab your cuppa jo. Extra snack trips are also allowed.

#3 Let your desk scream YOU

Our interaction with the space outside directly impacts our headspace. So, give your desk, aka your workspace, some personality. Put up some pics of your friends (furry or otherwise), family, and colleagues. Add a nice little succulent (or 3). Tidy up. Basically, brighten up the place to match your vibe so that you enjoy being in the space.

#4 NEVER have lunch at your desk

Of course, staying glued to your desk will make you get sick of it so much faster. But that’s not why you shouldn’t have lunch there. It’s to set psychological boundaries. So, you either sit in the fun corner or terrace if your office has one or step out for a lunch date with your gang. And if your cravings are a little further than walking distance, hop on a bike! You’ll get to that yummy treat so much faster.


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#5 Keep an upbeat playlist and don’t forget a trusty pair of headphones

For most of us- and by most we mean just about everyone we know- music is a sure shot cure for every mood type, thanks to the amazing endorphins your body releases with good vibes. Also works great when you need some focus time at the office, so definitely keep your fave pair of headphones nearby.

#6 Keep up with your routine

Whether or not you are going to work every day, keep up with your morning routine on weekdays, at least until it feels like second nature again. Dress up (can’t stress this enough) and grab your coffee/breakfast before work even on days you’re working from home.

These seemingly simple tips actually worked wonders in ridding us of our return-to-office anxiety and will hopefully do the same for you. And before you go, don’t forget to check out Bike Share Toronto’s website for more info on how to start riding & other fun routes in our city.