Canucks are full of surprises. From the wacky people who live here to our sometimes controversial food preferences, those stereotypically ‘odd’ quirks that other countries are always parodying on TV – well, we’d be lying if we said that they were all totally false, but there’s nothing to be ashamed of! Whether it’s pineapple on pizza, ketchup on our chips or even strange names on unsuspecting towns, we’re proud of our country’s identity! In fact, between us coasts, here are 5 unusual towns that you might not believe actually exist in Canada


Saint-Louis-Du-Ha!Ha! is by far the country’s most enthusiastic-sounding city – in fact, it’s even solidified a place in the Guinness Book Of World Records for the town with the most exclamation points in its name. No one is actually sure why the punctuation was added, but it’s definitely put them on the map for tourists looking for something unique.

Unfortunately, despite its lively moniker, the most exciting thing that you’ll probably find here are the signs reminding you where you are…  because it’s small. Like, the population of 1,300 small.

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Live long and prosper! With an incredibly small population, Vulcan, Alberta has actually become a provincial hot spot for sci-fans and even wowed Conan O’Brien on a recent podcast. From parades to a replica Starship Enterprise and even an entire museum dedicated to Star Trek, it’s pretty clear that this town is proud to share a name with Spock’s home planet.



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25 minutes from the University of Waterloo, you’ll find Punkydoodles Corners. This town might be teeny-tiny, but the name sure packs a punch. Unfortunately, why it has such a cutsie title is unconfirmed, but some believe that it was once the home of a popular innkeeper that would greet newcomers with his rendition of “Yankee-Doodle.” Others believe it was a nickname given to one of its first settlers, a pumpkin farmer who often complained about his wife.

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The Yukon city of Dawson has remained largely untouched since the gold rush – which is magical, strange and unreal. With well-kept old-timey buildings and residents who are very proud of their heritage – a vacation to this adorable town will have you swearing up and down that you’ve died and gone back in time.



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If there’s one town in Canada that we can KNOW has a sense of humour, it’s Dildo. From their town song, explicit shop names and their Hollywoodland sign  – it’s clear that they are wildly self-aware. Don’t agree? That’s alright because Jimmy Kimmel does. The comedian even ran for mayor in 2019 – sending his on-screen sidekick Guillermo to mingle with its residents.

Well, there you have it, friends. 5 towns that you might not even believe exist in Canada. Did any of these surprise you? Let us know!