Our province has some incredible destinations – but one extra-special town is getting serious attention after a popular TV host discussed it on a recent podcast. Known for its replica USS Enterprise and Trek-themed visitor centre – the town of Vulcan practically blew Conan O’Brien’s mind when Jill, a fan and guest of the show, revealed where she was living.

“You’re telling me the town is leaning into it, and it has a Star Trek theme?” He responded.

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“I’m from Kirk, Massachusetts and we didn’t lean into this at all! You guys are from Vulcan and you lost your minds!” he continued, asking about the town’s Starship.

“This is unbelievable to me that a town has surrendered its dignity like this. This is I mean, this is absolutely incredible.”

Jill continued to describe their Spock Day and its overlapping rodeo, where a wacky cast of characters roam the streets before concluding that she only moved there because it’s where her husband is from.


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“You must really love your husband,” O’Brien said. “He invited you to basically join him in a child’s bedroom and call it a town.”

To watch the entire clip check out the link here. Otherwise, keep an eye out!

You never know – it sounds like Conan might just come to see the town for himself.