Summer is the season of making memories, and for a lot of us, it’s the season of making cocktails. After all, how else are we supposed to cool off from this Toronto heat?! But regardless of the weather, summer is also the season for adventures, big or small, spontaneous or unconventional. Unfortunately, after on-and-off lockdowns, our motivation for adventure might be on the low side.

gray jay whisky
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Luckily, we’ve got award-winning & Canadian-born Gray Jay Whisky for a simple, refreshing pick-me-up. Gray Jay is a born-and-bred Canadian whisky, proudly hand-crafted in small batches. Flying in the face of tradition, Gray Jay drops any pretentious notions of high-quality whisky drinking and delivers a smooth, approachable whisky that novice to the category and connoisseurs can equally enjoy.

So, here are 5 unconventional cocktails that you can proudly mix, shake, and serve with Gray Jay Whisky. Your whisky, your rules. 


Kicking off the list with this classic Canadian cocktail, but with a twist. Gray Jay’s smooth, light flavour blends perfectly with Clamato, and all the fixings. But wait- did the addition of Canadian-made whisky make the Caesar even more Canadian?! Impressive. 

Check out the recipe here


The triple threat equivalent for a refreshing at-home cocktail. Simply stir up your chilled Gray Jay Whisky with ginger ale & grapefruit juice- and voila! A 3-ingredient cocktail that’s a suitable sip for the thirstiest of folks, all summer long. 

Check out the recipe here


Autumn is almost upon us, and while we’re soaking up every second of summer, it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a flavourful fall sip a little bit early in the season. Gray Jay Whisky nicely pairs with apple cidr, and gets an extra kick from fresh lemon juice & cinnamon. Simple, refreshing, and tasty any time of the year. 

Check out the recipe here 


Like the talented Lil Jon once said, get low, folks! Well, it was something like that, but knowing Lil Jon- he would want you to get low with Gray Jay. A new take on an old favourite, the Gray Jay Low is a low-calorie cocktail that packs flavour into every single sip. 

Check out the recipe here 


This isn’t about springing into the holidays early, it’s about keeping that holiday lifestyle alive all year-round. With a touch of sweetness, the cranberry & citrus compliment Gray Jay’s flavour wonderfully. So whether you’re sippin’ this cocktail lakeside at the cottage or fireside at the ski hill, it’s a welcome addition to any adventure, no matter how wild or relaxing.

Every year, Canadians vote for their favourite new Canadian whisky products from coast to coast. And every year, there’s something special that comes out of the winner’s circle. This year, the 2021 Best New Product in Canadian Whisky has been awarded to Gray Jay Deluxe Canadian Whisky, and trust us when we say you’re going to want to give this one a sip. 

So grab yourself a bottle (or two), and get to mixin’. Cheers, Toronto!