Canada’s Best 100 is at it again. The folks known for rounding up the best bars and restaurants across the country have just released a new list. Their selection of “things to savour” covers everything from food concepts, to pop-ups, to restaurants, local chefs, and initiatives. Out of the 100 concepts named, 34 were from right here in Toronto.

In no particular order, here are the 34 names that made the list of Canada’s 100 best things to savour this year. To keep things simple, we’ve split them up into a few different categories!


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Alo Midsummer
Bar Mignonette
Cheese Boutique
Labora’s Summer Pop-Up
Sushi Masaki Saito
The Edible Story
Taverne Bernhardt’s
Métis Fish Market
Birria Balam

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Local Initiatives and New Names

Lockdown Photography
Leandro Baldassarre
Carrie Rau
Chef Michael Caballo and Chef Tobey Nemeth
Kevin Gallagher and Mildred’s Temple Kitchen wild review
Chef Suzanne Barr
Chef Kris Okgeon Lee


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Specific dishes, meals, and experiences to try

LeTao’s Cheesecake **restaurant is permanently closed**
General Assembly Pizza Subscription
Alo at Home
Daily Seafood – Sushi Master
O&B Gourmet Groceries
Planta at Home

So, there you have it! With everything from take home experiences to specific dishes, there’s a ton of great stuff to add to your Toronto foodie bucket list. We don’t know about you, but we’ll definitely be checking out a few (or all) of these food concepts.