The season of giving is here and that’s why LawnStarter decided to take a look at the most generous cities in the nation. They looked at 130 of the biggest US cities across 13 key indicators of giving behavior which resulted in a top 20. Psst, there’s more than one Washington city that made it.

Despite having the reputation for the Seattle freeze, it turns out that Washingtonians do indeed like to give back. From volunteering to donating to food banks to monetary donations, Washingtonians do it all. And that landed us with Seattle as the #2 most generous city in the nation, Vancouver, WA as #9 and Tacoma, WA as #20.

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Photo via LawnStarter

Minneapolis managed to pull the first place spot because they ranked highly across most of the key indicators. And while we still have more total cities included on the list than they do, we have a bit of work to do. That being said, the holiday season is here and now you have no excuse not to give back in whatever way you see reasonable.

After all, we don’t want to end up a Scrooge city or state. If you’re wondering what the lowest-ranked state on this list was, it was Florida. Do with that information what you will. You can see the full study here. Enjoy folks!