Not to brag, but we always knew Toronto had the best bar scene. And the brand new list from Canada’s 100 Best only confirms that. So it’s a list of the best bars in the entire country and the number of bars that call their home Toronto is a whopping 17!

So the list is organized by province. And out of all the provinces Ontario takes the lead. And of all the bars on the Ontario list, 100% are from Toronto. Don’t mind us, we’re just patting ourselves on the back for this crazy cool accomplishment.

The province with the next highest number is Quebec, with British Columbia following just behind them.

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So what bars make us so great? Well, Bar Raval takes the top spot. They’ve come in hot at the number one position in the country. And the others on the list include Civil Liberties, Gift Shop, PrettyUgly, Paris Paris, and loads more. We’re sure you’ll spot your favourite Toronto watering hole when you check out the list in full.

Here are all of the Toronto bars that made the list along with their respective rankings!

1. Bar Raval
8. Civil Liberties
9. Gift Shop
10. PrettyUgly
12. Paris Paris
14. Bar Piquette
15. The Bar at Alo
16.. Mother Cocktail Bar
18. Supernova Ballroom
23. Clockwork
26. BarChef
28. Coffee Oysters Champagne / À Toi
30. Black Dice Cafe
33. Burdock Brewery
41. El Rey
43. The Shameful Tiki Room
44. Bar Volo

So when the world opens back up and you’re wondering where to hit on your night out, just take a peek at this list. With some of the country’s best as options, there’s really no way you can go wrong!

Check out the full list here.