We’re very excited to say that spring is officially here. And while that means lots of rain in BC, it’s also a beautiful time of year. Not to mention there’s a lot to do and you don’t have to break the bank to have some fun! With that in mind, here are 13 free things to do in Vancouver this spring.

Editor’s Note: Due to the ongoing effects of COVID-19, provincial and city guidelines are continually changing. Please double check business closures and restrictions before proceeding.

Go for a spring hike

It wouldn’t be a proper BC spring without some hiking now, would it? We know you probably have your favorite spots but it’s always fun to check out some new ones. So of course we made a list of some of our favorite spring hikes.

Where: Click above to see our picks

Get some sun at Wreck Beach

Okay we know it’s not summer yet but if you want to head to the beach to get some sun, you can’t go wrong with Wreck Beach. After all, it’s not that busy this time of year and you can opt for clothes or none. And going up and down those stairs is a workout so you can feed two birds with one scone!

Where: 6572 NW Marine Drive

Take a Mushroom and Art Walk

If you’ve spent time in any BC wilderness then you know this province has a lot of fascinating mycelium and fungi. This free walk will teach you all sorts of things about the way fungi grow and interact with other plants. And you can record everything you learn through writing or drawing!

When: April 3rd
Where: Renfrew Ravine Park

Check out the cherry blossoms

free vancouver

This pretty much the most quintessential spring activity in the city. After all, cherry blossoms are beautiful, free, and a great opportunity for some fresh air. Now, the issue is picking where to go, but we’ve got you covered with the city’s best areas.

Where: Click the link above for more info

Do a tour of roadside attractions

This is dependent on public health restrictions, but fun enough that we think it’s worth including. Turns out, Vancouver is home to a ton of major roadside attractions, ranging from giant hockey sticks to a glass mosaic house. Probably better as part of a spring camping trip, but the devoted few can see amazing things in a day trip.

Where: Click the link above for more info

Enjoy a public art tour

This is definitely a much more accessible option. The Vancouver Mural Fest has covered neighbourhoods around the city with gorgeous artworks. But, we recommend that you check out the latest addition to the Vancouver Biennale’s Open Air Museum. Either way, interesting public art is a great daytime option.

Where: Click the links above for more info

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Enjoy a yoga class from home

free vancouver

We know that Youtube is a great spot to get workouts and more. But sometimes it’s fun to take a local class from home. So if you’re ready to try a new yoga class you can check out MixPose Live Stream Online Yoga.

When: April 1st & 2nd
Where: Online

Plan a spring date

If you have someone special in your life then you might just want to consider planning a spring date. After all, you and your SO can enjoy some fresh air and all that Vancouver spring has to offer. Plus there are lots of free and low-cost options!

Where: Click above to see our picks

Check out an interactive mural

We’re lucky to have so many amazing murals in this city. And we just got a brand new one that’s pretty dang unique because it’s actually interactive and has an important message. So if you’re planning on spending some time downtown, we highly suggest that you check it out.

Where: 655 Burrard Street

Give back through habitat restoration

We have to say that we live in one of the best and most beautiful provinces. And if you feel the same and want to help keep the province that way you can join A Rocha Canada for a morning of habitat restoration. You’ll get to help nature and also probably meet some cool, like-minded folks.

When: May 15th, 22nd, and 29th
Where: Brooksdale Environmental Centre, 1620 192nd Street Surrey, BC

Bike through Stanley Park

free vancouver

A while ago, the Park’s Board decided to allow bikes on Stanley Park Drive. However, this is only happening until October. So if you have a bike, we highly recommend that you try biking the park in a new way, while you can.

Where: Stanley Park

Play Disc Golf at Queen Elizabeth Park

If you’re looking for a way to hang with your friends outdoors in a socially distanced manner then disc golf might just be for you. And what’s even better is that the course at Queen Elizabeth Park is completely free! So grab a frisbee and your friends and try it out.

Where: 33rd Avenue and Cambie St

Visit the Vancouver Art Gallery

So this isn’t exactly free but you can go to the VAG by donation on Tuesday nights from 5-8 pm. And by donation, that can mean anything, even 5 cents if that’s what you have floating around in your wallet. It’s a great way to see amazing art for next to nothing.

When: Every Tuesday
Where: 750 Hornby Street

Those are our top picks for free things to do in Vancouver this spring. We hope that you get out there safely and have some fun. Just be sure to wear your masks and keep up on the social distancing! Have a great spring folks.