We think that a phenomenal way to enjoy the start of summer is with a trip to one of the best spots for burgers in Vancouver. Pair that with the fact that International Burger Day is this week, and we’ve got an easy reason to share some of our favourites with you. And boy howdy, has the scene exploded over the past few years! Let’s check it out.

Here are 13 of the very best burger spots in Vancouver.



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We’re starting with a spot that is like an offshoot of an offshoot, but we’re oh so happy it exists. Hundy started out as the weekend-only, hush offering from Their There, which is itself the sibling restaurant of AnnaLena. Well, you can only keep something this good secret for so long, and the classic burger spot now offers its deliciously simple options throughout the week.

Where: 2042 W 4th Avenue
Options: Takeout and delivery

Turbo X Trans Am

We were terrified when one of Vancouver’s best bars and burger joints closed down last summer. Luckily, it was only a brief hiatus, and what is essentially Trans Am 2.0 returned before the fall. While the cocktails are gone, the amazing burgers are still there, alongside some delicious beers. Grab yourself a classic double cheese, or opt for one of their ever-changing specials.

Where: 1879 Powell Street
Options: Takeout only

Wakwak Burger

Wakwak Burger is one of those spots that make you raise your eyebrows when you initially see it. Who would have thought that dirt cheap Japanese-style hamburgers would be so tasty? Certainly not us. Plus, their ever-changing location usually means we’ve waited an appropriate amount of time before diving into a hamburger once more. It’s a sleeper hit on our list of the best spots for burgers in Vancouver, if we don’t say so ourselves.

Where: Location varies
Options: Takeout only

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Moderne Burger


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Every city has to have a retro-style diner, so we’re grateful that ours brings worthwhile food alongside the fun aesthetic. Moderne Burger has a geniously simple setup- pick your protein, pick extra toppings if you need them, eat the burger. Of course, we think the burgers are best enjoyed in a nearby park, and preferably with a malted milkshake for the full effect.

Where: 865 W Broadway
Options: Takeout and delivery

Fable Diner

Speaking of diners, we need to include this modern homage in our list of the best burger spots in Vancouver. Fable Diner knows how to make good burgers, it’s just that simple. So, whether you’re grabbing a simple cheeseburger or trying out one of the house specials, you’ll be walking away happy. And of course, a side of fries included in each order doesn’t hurt too much, either.

Where: 151 E Broadway
Options: Takeout and delivery

Burgerland Smash Up

Burgerland Smash Up does things a little differently, by offering complete kits capable of feeding 4 people (or 2 very hungry people). So, why include them in the list? Well, not only are they finding all the authentic ingredients to create regional favourites, but they’re also using (alongside pretty much every other spot on this list) BC-grown beef to do it. Plus, we do want to finally try and make a bootleg In-n-Out burger at home.

Where: 1380 Napier Street
Options: Takeout and delivery



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We think that Between2buns has really come into its own in a big way in the city, and we’re even ready to say they were an acceptable spiritual successor of Bestie (RIP). To our knowledge, these guys have one of the best smashed burgers in Vancouver, since they don’t shy away from that extra lacy edge, Illinois-style burger. Yes, we’ve seen every video featuring George Motz, why do you ask?

Where: 105 E. Pender (temporarily closed) and various locations (food truck)
Options: Takeout only

DownLow Burgers

It’s tough to compare DownLow Burgers to the sister restaurant DL Chicken. But, that’s mostly because each spot shines in its own right. And, we can’t deny that these burgers are particularly when enjoyed as intended- alongside a cold beer and some pinball at The American. Lucky for us, it looks like that might be happening sooner rather than later! Fingers crossed, folks.

Where: 926 Main Street
Options: Takeout only

Popina Canteen

Popina is a place that wears many hats, but only because they’ve got the chefs to do it. And, alongside lobster rolls and falafels, this Granville Island favourite also offers deliciously simple smashed-style burgers. If you find yourself roaming around the market during the summer months, then make sure to keep this spot in mind.

Where: 1691 Johnston Street, Granville Island
Options: Dine-in, akeout and delivery


We don’t think we could write a list of the best burgers in Vancouver without including this absolute heavyweight. For years now Pourhouse has offered a decadent, thick patty, which is honestly more difficult to do right than its smashed cousin, for pretty much the same price. The even crazier part? They also do a smashed burger for happy hour ($7), and the topping options there include confit pork belly and seared foie gras.

Where: 162 Water Street
Options: Dine-in, takeout and delivery

Bells & Whistles

Who woulda thought that the people behind Bufala and Wildebeest (RIP) would also be good at neighbourhood burger bars? Well, colour us happily surprised, because Bells & Whistles has become a staple name in both the Fraserhood and now, Dunbar as well. Plus, we can’t help but smile when we see a ‘Royale with Cheese’ on the menu.

Where: Various locations
Options: Dine-in, takeout and delivery


While the majority of the above spots have their own version of a veggie burger, we prefer to leave anything plant-based in the hands of the specialists. So, BeetBox is an easy inclusion on this list, thanks to a serious dedication to making great burgers and sandwiches. It’s also got a super competitive price (cheaper than pretty much everything else on this list) and a wide range of relatively healthy sides, so this was an easy inclusion.

Where: 1074 Davie Street
Options: Dine-in, takeout and delivery



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We’ll be the first to admit that plant-based options are rapidly approaching the ‘real thing’, dietary preferences notwithstanding. And, we think there’s little doubt in the city that MeeT may have created that wave, at least in Vancouver. MeeT has got a serious variety of delicious burgers, ranging from the classic to burgers with mac n cheez and pickled jalapenos on top. Unsurprisingly, MeeT also has great value (each burger comes with fries AND salad), which makes it another easy pick for us.

Where: Various locations
Options: Dine-in, takeout and delivery

Alright folks, that’s our roundup for some of the best spots for burgers in Vancouver! We hope that you can enjoy all these spots over the summer, because we know we’re going to try ourselves.