With the stay-at-home order in full swing, we’re welcoming anything that makes staying at home a little easier. This is why these Toronto grocery delivery options are so amazing. You can have all the essentials brought right to your doorstep, with just a few clicks online. From produce to cheese to meats and more, there’s nothing you can find at these stellar spots.

Here are 11 grocery delivery options available in Toronto.


Get all the finest foods in the market delivered right to your door from McEwan Group. This snazzy grocery store offers regular online shopping, plus a nifty 3D grocery store that you can virtually walkthrough. They’re a fabulous one-stop-shop for all the essentials.

Where: Check it out online

grocery deliveryVOILA BY SOBEYS

The popular grocery store Sobeys launched its online delivery platform Viola to help people out during these difficult days. You can find everything you’d find in store at this online marketplace. Plus, you can get $10 off your first order of $100 or more when you use the code VOILAFRESH10 at checkout.

Where: Check it out online


Of course, the Metro virtual store has got you covered. You can shop online or through the app for all your grocery delivery needs. They’ve got tons of great deals available pretty much all time. Plus, you can even find creative new recipes (and all the ingredients) on the website.

Where: Check it out online

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This grocery delivery service is brought to us by Longos and it’s got some neat perks you won’t find anywhere else. You can sign up for a membership to enjoy unlimited free deliveries, special pricing, and exclusive offers. So if Longos is your usual go-to spot, definitely check that out. They also offer one-time delivery for those of you who aren’t looking for a commitment.

Where: Check it out online


This local spot is perfect for all the fresh produce you can imagine. They offer restaurant-quality fruits and veggies, delivered right to your door. There’s no sign-up fee or commitments required. Plus, they’ll get your goods to you pronto with next-day delivery.

Where: Check it out online

grocery deliveryMAMA EARTH

Another great source for fresh produce is Mama Earth. This spot offers 100% organic goods, local food, and chef-made meals delivered right to your door. They have everything from pre-selected baskets and crates to individual items for you to mix and match.

Where: Check it out online


This Toronto grocery delivery option offers curated baskets for all your grocery needs. They have fresh selections including produce, meat, dairy, eggs, bread, and more. You can choose from their pre-made baskets or pick and choose to put together your own.

Where: Check it out online


Not to be cheesy, but this next pick is really grate. Have all your cheese dreams come true with delivery from this local spot. They have a wide selection of pretty much every type of cheese you can imagine. From sharp to soft to goat cheese and more.

Where: Check it out online


Once you’ve got all your cheeses taken care of, finish off your charcuterie selections with meats from this butcher delivery service. They have pretty much every type of meat you can think of. Plus, if you order before 3 PM you can even get same-day delivery.

Where: Check it out online


This next grocery delivery option in Toronto takes all the work out of meal planning. They’ll deliver healthy and fresh ingredients for putting together a perfect spread. Their delivery options include prepared meals, baked goods, grocery items, and desserts. All of it brought right to your door with 48-hour, no-contact delivery.

Where: Check it out online


Last but not least, we’ve got a café that doubles as a sweet source for groceries. This Toronto spot is new on the scene, but we’re sure they’re going to make an impression. They have everything from coffee and teas to all your pantry necessities. They even have nifty kitchen accessories available.

Where: Check it out online

So check out all these amazing Toronto grocery delivery options next time your fridge needs restocked. These awesome spots have everything covered with just a few clicks.