Every hour is happy hour when you’re stuck at home in quarantine! This week, we’re hitting up all the places around Toronto that offer to-go bottled cocktails. These gorgeous takeout items are exactly what we need to down out the chaos going on in the world right now. Just kidding, just kidding. Drink responsibly, folks.

Here are 10 places with to-go bottle cocktails available in Toronto.


This amazing Toronto spot is definitely a top choice when it comes to all things cocktails. Right now, you can order up bottled versions of all their stellar masterpieces. From all-out kits to individual drinks, there’s no end to the amazing options here.

Where: 472 Queen St W


bottled cocktails

These crazy cocktail kits come in the deconstructed (classic) form or a few bottled versions. Browse the selection to choose from pretty much any type of cocktail you could think of.

Where: 1369 Dundas St W


What would the quarantine be without a little Dolly to get us through it? Sip like the superstar with the amazing bottled selection from this online store. They’ve got a ton of groovy choices to get you in the spirit!

Where: Check it out online



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This Yorkville spot has our heart for bottled cocktails. They have a wide selection of cocktails available. Plus, their bottle shop carries tons of wine, beer, are spirits and zaltos as well.

Where: 162 Cumberland St

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This spot is known for their killer rum punch. So when we found out we could order it to-go in bottled form, we were overjoyed. Order up your own, or try one of their other many cocktail options, today.

Where: 1378 Queen St W


We’d definitely be a cry baby if we couldn’t get our hands on these bottled cocktails. Okay, that one was rough. But you get the idea. The online store is stacked with alcoholic bevies of every kind.

Where: Check it out online


bottled cocktails

It’s the mother of all cocktail bars – Mother Cocktail Bar. Again, a rough pun! But you’ll forgive us, right? This spot offers a range of cocktail kits and bottles you’ve got to try. They even have a Valentine’s Day special you can nab right now.

Where: 874 Queen St W


All you astrology fans will get a kick out of the cocktail bottles this spot is serving up. They’ve got a kit for every sign, with tailor-made flavours to suit your personality. Plus, they’ve got some other items as well, but these kits are definitely a highlight.

Where: Check it out online


From the Cupid’s Kit to the Moxy Proxy to everything in between, all the menu items at this killer spot will get you excited. Their bottles are filled to the brim and basically calling your name.

Where: Check it out online


Want a heft plate of pasta to help you wash your cocktail down? This is the pick for you. Along with an amazing bottle shop, this spot is an entire restaurant. Pick your poison then pick your pasta, what could be better?

Where: 1288 Dundas St W

So check out all these amazing to-go bottled cocktails in Toronto today. Let us know which stellar spot you hit first.